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Since going vegan a few years ago, I have been toying with the idea of writing a blog. The last few years I have been posting on Instagram under the name @greenveganista and realized I have more information to share than what fits on Instagram. Hence this blog is born. Being relatively new to veganism, I am very passionate about all things vegan and animal rights. Learning about the absolutely heartbreaking plight of the innocent animals and the sad state of our planet have led to an awakening within me. And being prone to research, I have immersed myself in all things vegan - animal rights, the environment, food, fashion, lifestyle, and more. My hope is to inspire people about the many ways veganism can create a better world, a non-violent world where we can save animal’s lives, save our beautiful planet and improve our own lives and health. ‘Vegan For A Better World’ is more than a tagline… is the truth!  We can all make a difference by adopting a whole foods, vegan diet and lifestyle. So I invite you to follow along as I share my insights and findings about living a vegan life. I will touch on all topics vegan from food to fashion and beauty, to health and wellness, to animal rights & ethics, simplicity and sustainability, to the environment and saving our precious planet. I hope you enjoy reading and discover for yourselves the magic of a vegan lifestyle.



    Vegan because over 100 billion farm animals are mercilessly slaughtered each year for the meat, dairy and fashion industries.


    Vegan because our planet is suffering. A huge contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and climate change is the animal agriculture business.


    Vegan because eating a whole foods, plant based diet makes sense if we want to live a healthy and happy life, free of disease.


About Green Veganista

Hi, I’m Jennifer Brennan, an LA-based vegan and animal rights advocate and the creator of Green Veganista. I was inspired to create this blog as a way to document my vegan journey and to connect with those interested in a healthy and compassionate, plant based lifestyle as well as those interested in animal rights and working towards a healthier, kinder planet. I truly believe the Future is Vegan, and I am passionate about giving a voice to the innocent, voiceless animals in this world as well as pursuing a healthier way of life.

My background is in business, fashion and market research, having created a couple of successful businesses as well as working in the corporate world. As I continue on this life path, I have found myself digging deeper into what my truth is and what truly inspires me. Since childhood, I have always had a great love and affinity for animals and the natural world. Helping those without a voice and fighting injustice have all deeply resonated within me and continue to do so. It was a few years ago that I began this vegan journey. And I believe it has brought me closer to my life’s purpose of being a voice for the voiceless, innocent animals. I am excited to share with you all that I have learned and am continuing to learn and uncover.

In my free time, I love getting outdoors, whether for a hike, a bike ride, yoga or just being in nature. And I enjoy participating in peaceful activism and spending time with family and friends (that includes my rescue dog, Cody). I also have an affinity for food and fashion! I love discovering and sharing new vegan restaurants, recipes, products, and stores. Veganism has opened a whole new, beautiful world to me. 

I hope you enjoy reading and welcome you to share your own thoughts and feedback.

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